With its genesis in 2003, Inkorporated, the publications division of global research and advisory firm Aranca, has emerged as a preferred partner for the editorial, content, presentation design and DTP-Distribution needs of over 500 companies, including investment banks, brokerages, startups, publishing houses and academic institutions. For nearly two decades now, we have helped our clients turn their business documents into powerful communication tools.

Our team comprises professionals with experience in domains as diverse as economics, finance, print media, graphics design, linguistics and marketing. We bring to play the right blend of interdisciplinary skills, methodologies and best practices to ensure that our clients are always delivering impactful and outstanding content.

Our Team

Our team comprises professionals with over 10 years of experience in domains as diverse as print media, e-learning, corporate communications, marketing, linguistics, economics, finance, medical research articles, academic editing, and intellectual property. Our people are passionate about helping our clients communicate fearlessly and are all domain experts.