Why Business Writing is an Important Skill?

While the art of writing may be intrinsic to storytellers and authors, business writing is an essential skill that can be acquired. Delivering messages with clarity is important in every walk of life and, hence, the need to cultivate the skill.

For a student, training in writing can help in producing well-written, comprehensive papers, crucial for academic excellence. As a professional, you may be required to make presentations or engage in business communication. Command over language and expression will boost your performance, providing an edge over your colleagues. Grammatical errors are not just distracting for the reader but also lower the quality of your paper, reports, presentations, or emails.

Social media stands to be blamed for the decline in grammar standards. The need to fit thoughts in the prescribed number of characters has resulted in many acronyms, abbreviations, and deletion of the ever-important punctuations. There are many other facets to errors:

  • Redundancies and repetitions
  • Inconsistency in capitalization or casing
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Use of wrong words

What can be done to avoid these mistakes and produce a polished and well-written document? There are a few simple rules such as:

  1. Have a clear idea about the message you want to give in your communication/ report.
  2. Develop a reading habit, which will increase your vocabulary as well as your understanding of sentence structures, paragraph breaks, and the importance of introduction and conclusion.
  3. Know your reader and appeal to their emotional intelligence. It will inevitably give your writing the flavor it needs.
  4. Brevity is the essence of good writing. Be concise and succinct in your words yet ensure that the main message is transmitted.

While these points can help you in aligning your thoughts and constructing a comprehensive document, you still need impeccable grammatical skills to ensure that it is error-free.

For an important document, it is always recommended that you take the services of a good editing firm to ensure quality product. However, if there is shortage of time, the best thing you can do is become the editor yourself and go through the write-up carefully to weed out grammatical errors and other inconsistencies.

To help you gain the expertise, Aranca offers the Business Writing Certification course. It is designed to help you master simplicity, clarity and brevity – the key ingredients of good writing. As you hone your skills, it will increasingly reflect in the writing you produce – blogs, books, business reports, etc. – which will begin to stand out.

Once the course is over, you will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ from Aranca, which we believe will help you in your personal as well as professional growth. For students, it will be a great asset to have for job interviews.

The course will be launched soon. Please follow our LinkedIn page to know more about the details.