Why are Company Blogs Important?

One of the essentials for growing business is to have regular communication with the customer. Advertisements, sales collaterals and social media content are the various modes through which connection is established. Customers view their favorite brands as advisers and experts in their respective fields and a credible source of information.

A blog is a great platform through which a company can ensure regular dissemination of information to its existing and potential customers. It is easy to use and inexpensive. Being a part of the website as an added link, a blog involves no extra cost of creation. You many need content development services, but it is a small cost and the return on investment is high.

The regular content created for blog is beneficial for the company in many ways.

Presence in social media is imperative to ensure top-of-mind recall for the customer. Companies need to churn out interesting content unceasingly to keep the platform updated. Blogs serve as a repository of information and can be tapped to generate snippets for social media pages. These clips also help in driving traffic to the company’s website.

Regular blogging contributes in improving the ranking of the company’s website. Clever use of SEO-friendly terms boosts the brand’s website, helping it grab the top slot in search pages. Writing regular viewpoints on trending industry topics or current news helps the company position itself as a thought leader. Blogs can also be a good way to pique media interest and pursue it, which bodes well for PR activities.

Due to the knowledge blogs showcase, they have regular followers. Not only does a blog help in building a positive brand image but also a loyal customer base. Your blog should definitely have a comments section so that the reader can engage with the brand and communication is easy.

Blogs enjoy more trust than traditional advertising. They don’t just flag issues, but also provide answers or solutions, given that blogs are platforms for discussion or sharing of information. Once trust is established, attracting potential customers and the subsequent increase in conversion rate is but natural.

Brands are becoming more and more customer-centric and marketing efforts are now concentrated online. The digital connect helps in reaching customers faster and more efficiently. Companies must exploit this opportunity by sharing insightful and discerning information and data with their customers. Blogs are mutually beneficial as they give customers access to expert knowledge and in return companies gain goodwill and a positive brand image.

Is your company blogging? If not, start now and you will experience its many advantages.