Why You Should Get Your Content Edited

You wrote the most thoroughly researched piece, poured your knowledge to enrich the content, yet when you posted it on online media, the response was flat. Ever wondered where you may have gone wrong? Well, if things still confound you, here is probably the question you need to ask. Did you get your document edited?

What is editing/proofreading and why is it so important? Simply put, without editing, your document is an uncut diamond. Editing and proofreading are those twin blades that will lend your document the professional touch it needs, making it intelligent and impactful.

Eager to jot down thoughts on paper, a writer often becomes a victim of his own enthusiasm. As ideas are captured haphazardly, flow goes for a toss, rendering the end-product complex and unstructured. The objectivity of an editor can come to rescue here. By digging deep, asking the right kind of questions from the perspective of a reader, and applying his/her own insight in terms of structuring, an editor can make the story more cohesive and, therefore, captivating.

Consistency in content presents the next hurdle. Most write-ups are riddled with mismatches. Editors weed out these, be it in paragraph or sentence structuring, usage of British or American English, tonality, etc.; editing irons out the wrinkles, delivering a neat content.

Yet another malaise is superfluous content. At times, writers tend to get verbose and write more than necessary, repeat points and use jargon (the last one is justifiable for a technical topic). Editing here would help by sprucing up the information and, thereby, ensuring crisp delivery.

Now my content is structured, but is it distraction-proof? Grammatical and spelling errors/typos are like water – making their way through almost anything. It is but natural for the writer, who may have written/re-written several times, to develop a blind spot for such mistakes. Editors, with their ruthless knack for tracking and knocking down annoying distractions such as these, can transform your write-up from sloppy to sharp and impressive.

Is there anything that can now come in the way of my write-up generating the desired hits? Yes. The last step is to ensure search engine optimisation (SEO). To attract web surfers, the article should contain key words that will help it feature in the top searches for that particular topic. Editors, given their knowledge in specific domains, can define and add appropriate words to the article, making it SEO-friendly.

Content creation and editing must go hand in hand. The writer generates content; an editor helps it deliver the right message. Poorly written content is not just a source of distaste, but even distrust. For businesses looking to gain traction by roping in internet visitors, coming out with credible content is imperative. So while editing may come across as daunting, especially when several rounds are involved, it will help to remember that the rewards far outweigh the pain.

PS: If you need editorial assistance to bring clarity and coherence to your paper, feel free to contact us at inkorporated@aranca.com.