Crisp content: Reader’s delight!

Thanks to social media and online marketing, there is an avalanche of content. While this provides a rich source of information, easy access to exhaustive material has shortened the attention span and fueled a kind of impatience in readers. Any lengthy, descriptive essay is almost immediately discarded. The new consumer is looking for instant gratification and faster communication, which has made crisp delivery of content the need of the hour.

Brevity is the order of the day—you say more with less words. However tempting it may be, writing long prose should be avoided. For this, you need to have clarity on the subject matter. After defining the topic, selectively choose the details you would like to cover. Retain only relevant content that will add value to your document, and aggressively hack out unnecessary information.

Use images prudently. An image has higher recall value and helps grab attention. For online content, adding images may attract more people to click on your post.

With the help of numbers, information can be presented in a concise manner. Use figures, statistics and relevant data to prove your point. These can be showcased through interesting infographics.

It is advisable to use short and simple words that capture the essence of your article. Jargon and technical words will only confuse the reader. Since most of the content created is for online consumption, it is best to use SEO-friendly words and phrases.

Shorter sentences are preferred over long, winding sentences. In a lengthy sentence with too many breaks in between, the message gets diluted and lost eventually. In terms of structure, paragraphs should also be concise and to-the-point.

Ensure your article is well-formatted. All important points and headings must be highlighted, set in bold type or underlined. This helps in drawing the attention to the main points which succinctly convey the gist of the section below.

Be ruthless in your editing and remove extraneous details. Stay away from repetition and keep your content precise.

Writing crisp content is not an easy ask. Writing more comes naturally than less. Nevertheless, aspire to be the wordsmith that can cobble together a few meaningful words and create magic.