Fashion Blogging – An Emerging New Segment

Fashion fulfills the psychological need in every person to look their best. Be it apparel, cosmetics, or accessories, users are ready to pay a premium for products that make them look good. While the fashion world used traditional advertising to connect with their customers, the new-age buyer is more influenced by fashion bloggers.

A fashion blog is a platform created by an individual who may or may not be associated with the fashion world but has a high style quotient and can share the latest updates and trending topics with their audience. The blog could cover a specific area such as apparel, haute couture, or cosmetics or all of them. Bloggers can be ex-models, boutique designers, fashion students, or individuals with a high style quotient. Apart from sharing the latest trends, fashion bloggers can help users style themselves depending on what suits them best.

Earlier, current fashion news was exclusively shared by well-known fashion magazines, but with the increased penetration of the internet, online blogs gained popularity. The origin of fashion blogs can be traced back to the mid-2000s, where individuals used blogs as a means to express their personal choice and style. However, as the web of the virtual world widened, more and more opinion blogs came up.

People in the fashion industry have realized the importance of bloggers as they could help in marketing company products. Through these bloggers, consumers could be kept updated about upcoming designs and a brand’s latest collections in real time. They are influencers and some of them have even attained celebrity status. Their updates are visible across their social media channels, ensuring maximum targeted reach. The influencers use written content, videos, photos, podcasts, and every feature offered by online media to keep their readers engaged and their platforms interactive. Therefore, well-known bloggers are most sought after and brands such as Estée Lauder, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs include them in their marketing plan.

Fashion bloggers have caused a shift in power and riled up fashion media insiders. The criticism against fashion bloggers is that they do not have the expertise to comment on the style of fashion designers with years of experience. However, bloggers do not claim to be fashion experts. In fact, they have established a connection with consumers as they are “one of them.” Moreover, they present an unbiased view.

The fashion industry can leverage the popularity, influence, and success of fashion bloggers, which can prove to be mutually beneficial for all parties involved. Bloggers can give a fresh perspective that is in tune with the new-age consumer, which can help brands and designers expand their offerings and become more customer-centric. They can also have sales referrals and create beneficial advertising in collaboration with fashion bloggers.

Fashion blogging is also gaining traction as a chosen career option; however, it is not all glitter and glamour. Bloggers need to follow up on the latest trends in the market, make their own suggestions, and have skills that can help them present their ideas in an interesting manner. They should also be well-versed with social media and know how to use its features to their advantage.

Therefore, fashion blogging is proving to be beneficial for youngsters looking at it as a career option as well as individuals who follow fashion closely and the big fashion brands. Due to the opportunities and many benefits it offers, fashion blogging would continue to be an integral part of the international fashion scene.