The Importance of a Paragraph

What is a paragraph?
A well-ordered sequence of two or more sentences related to a single topic is called a paragraph. Paragraphs are considered the building blocks of articles. Formal writing requires text to be presented in well-structured paragraphs.

What role does a paragraph play in an article?
A paragraph that is well written presents the author’s thoughts in such a way that the reader can understand the message put forth without reading preceding or following text. Paragraphs allow an author to systematically lay out their argument in stages. A poorly written paragraph reduces the clarity of the overall article. Moreover, well-constructed paragraphs portray authors as being methodical and attentive and are appreciated by both reviewers as well as readers.

How should effective paragraphs be structured?
It does not matter whether the paragraph is part of a book or an article. The bottom line is that they always should be well organized with an introductory sentence, supporting information, and a concluding sentence. The intention of the paragraph needs to be decided (whether persuasive, descriptive, and so on). The content of paragraphs should facilitate logical progression into a full-blown article. Let us discuss the three elements of the paragraph.

  1. The introductory sentence
    Typically, the first sentence of a paragraph, the introductory or topic sentence, clearly conveys the topic that will be further discussed in that paragraph. Reading the introductory sentences of all the paragraphs in an article should provide a clear idea of the entire article.

  2. Supporting information
    The body of content that follows the introductory sentence should provide information that supports the latter. This information should be detailed and further develop the point presented in the topic sentence. Moreover, ensure that there is a logical flow in the sentences. Do not present disjointed sentences and expect the reader to make sense of them. Avoid making this element lengthy; concise sentences facilitate better understanding. The ideal count would be two to six sentences.

  3. Concluding sentence
    The concluding sentence summarizes the essence of the entire paragraph. It should not just repeat what has been mentioned in the rest of the paragraph, and, at the same time, it should provide a logical transition into the following paragraph.

Closing thoughts
Developing effective paragraphs can be challenging, as great efforts would be required to meticulously plan the structure of the entire article as well as each individual paragraph, taking care to ensure that the content makes an interesting read. However, the efforts would improve your chances of getting the article published, and the resulting appreciation from reviewers as well as your targeted audience would make it worth the efforts.