How to make your presentations impactful

Powerful presentations are the key to strike the right chord with the target audience. You spend time in collecting relevant data, customer insights, and industry statistics. Your team brainstorms to get brilliant ideas, and all this needs to be captured and presented to the client. The last step is the most crucial, as it is the culmination of all the hard work that you and your team have done. The visual aid of your presentation, which is the PowerPoint, needs to be sleek and good-looking to ensure that it captivates the audience and encapsulates all the effort put in to make it informative, relevant and useful.

Presentation is one of the prime vehicles that a company uses to interact with potentials, clients, employees and partners. They need to have professional-looking templates that reflect the brand identity and personality. The final end product should look smart and well-crafted. Ideally an organization should make available pre-designed branded slides that can be used by all employees to maintain consistency.

These slides are designed in accordance with the company brand guidelines. The logo, which is the most important part of a company’s identity, is placed prominently in the introduction page and subtly in the inside slides. Brand colors are incorporated in the theme and style elements. The corporate font size is defined for headings and body copy.

Once the main elements are identified in a presentation format, the brand’s identity is safeguarded. However, this format will then be used across the organization by various employees, all of whom may not be aware of the finer nuances of the brand identity. Hence, there is a need to set clear guidelines regarding how the slides should look in different formats and ensure there is no departure from the central theme. This helps in avoiding inconsistency or mistakes from branding perspective.

Apart from the slide design, the manner in which the final content is placed makes a difference. One of the basic rules of making a presentation is to not make the slides too dense. Cluttered slides are visually overwhelming and confuse a viewer. Since a presentation usually has a presenter who can expand on the points, it makes sense to only have specific points or representative images or numbers on the slide. In fact, instead of using numbers, one should try using pie charts and bars which are easier to interpret. Whether or not there are specification in the guidelines about them, it is always wiser to use brand colors in these pictorial depictions.

A good way to make your presentation impactful is to use animations. It helps to engage the audience and gives your presentation an extra visual appeal.

Last but not the least, all presentations should be well-formatted, edited and must have a consistent look.

It is true that content is the king, but the way this content is presented also influences its effectiveness. Designing an impactful presentation helps to increase the potency of your subject matter. Your slides should inform and educate your target audience. The presentation should help you weave the story you are narrating and act as a blueprint of your thoughts.

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