How to identify a trending topic

With the advent of social media, the definition of ‘trending’ has metamorphosed significantly. Earlier, this word was usually associated with the fashion industry, but today it spans a much wider horizon. Trends are now used to define any topic, event or news which has captured the interest of netizens and is not confined to any one sector or industry.

In social media marketing, it is incredibly useful to know about the ‘trends’ and leverage them in communication. It helps in creating content that resonates immediately with the target audience.

A few tools to capture relevant trends are:

  • Twitter – This is arguably the best platform to track trends. Be it games, movies or political upheaval, Twitter handles are forever busy with interesting topics. As a social media marketer, you then have to weave your brand communication around it.
  • BuzzFeed – The aim of this platform is to share what is trending in the online world. It showcases popular, hot topics across sections from realty to books. The trends are in a listicle format and also show the popular keyword for a particular topic. This helps content creators to add the relevant keyword in their article/blog.
  • Google Trends – If you want to drive organic traffic, this is the tool for you. The platform displays trends across a wide range of categories. The information is based directly on the most common search and it is, therefore, a very reliable source. This analytical tool can help you get in-depth data as it provides country- and sector-specific targeted details.
  • Reddit – This well-known social media site encourages healthy debate among users. It makes finding trending topics fairly easy. Topics can be voted up or down on the site based on their attractiveness, and the homepage carries only those which have “upvotes”. Hence, just exploring the homepage will give you a good idea about what is trending.
  • BuzzSumo – Though this is a paid tool, BuzzSumo is a brilliant resource for finding favored topics and key influencers. You can research a specific domain or keyword and get information on what is being shared specifically on that topic. The results are filtered by total number of shares across social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.
  • Youtube – This channel has gained traction among youngsters as videos are becoming a preferred mode of receiving information. The video platform offers trending feed and subcategories like music, gaming, news, movies, and fashion to help find topics that are becoming online sensations.

Not all trending topics may be a good fit for your brand. In fact, it would be advisable to avoid controversial news that could invite an online backlash. You will need a social media expert for culling out the most applicable topics to create content. It is critical to use appropriate keywords that will help you grab the maximum eyeballs and generate interest.

Social media marketing is a crucial aspect of any marketing plan today. With the increase in time people are spending online, if you want top-of-mind recall, it is imperative to be present on social media channels and relevant sites. However, just creating content is not enough. You need content which connects with the target audience and strikes the right chord with them. By using trending topics, you will successfully establish this connection.