A Video To Remember

A Video To Remember

That video is the king of content is undebatable today. However, it is equally true that most videos don’t have the desired impact despite the best efforts going into their production, from research to use of the latest techniques/technologies to launch on the best of the platforms.

In other words, the skeletal structure is flawless, but something is missing. Let’s find the answer by starting with a few questions.

Ever wondered why we lose track of time when immersed in a book? Why animations are so gripping, some even surpassing movies with real actors? Why certain product videos stick? What is the common thread between these three formats that are not even remotely related?

All three tap effectively into the art of presenting a story. When reading a good book, letters mellifluously transform into characters. We find ourselves projected in situations that change rapidly as the storyline bends. In animations, it is the clarity of design and at times, attribution of anthropomorphic traits, rather humorously, that helps capture the interest of the audience. For product upgrades, it is how the revisions are woven into a captivating narrative that works wonders.

At the core of anything that sells – whether real or fictional – is how we present that idea. Just doing due diligence and drawing insights is not enough. Application is where the difference lies: understanding human emotions, presenting the conflict areas without hurting anyone’s sensitivity, coming up with a relatable content instead of just dumping ideas, showcasing prospects for the long term, and at the end of it all, making people aware of the need to embrace the idea or the product or the service. It is this last factor in the list that is most relevant, especially when awareness for a need is either absent or minimal.

Let's take the case of English grammar and see how video content can be designed around different themes.

In multilingual countries or nations with language barriers, correct usage of English has always been a challenge. Many of them try to make do with rough translations that often dents the value of the written work. This makes it a large addressable market, implying significant need.

It is also known that people in such geographies are usually very sensitive about their language and culturally aligned around it. So, if your video on report writing or English grammar basics is targeted at companies or individuals at companies from across non-English-speaking regions, emotional intelligence stands to play a big role in making the dent.

Consider two introductory notes:

  1. Hi All!

    As you know, English is a very important language worldwide, given its largescale use across countries and continents. Good knowledge of English grammar is critical, especially in the research industry if we are to make the mark! This video is designed to help you overcome the barriers and achieve the much-desired proficiency.

  2. Hi everyone!

    We are fortunate to be born in a planet where we speak so many languages, each based on a rich corpus of grammar. No one language is superior to the other. That said, some languages are more popular in terms of common usage, English being one of them. If you are looking to enhance your already rich vernacular faculty with some finer points on English grammar, this video is perhaps a good way to begin.

We know which one would resonate more.

When approaching native speakers of English who are already confident, it would make more sense to appeal to their confidence:

Less is more in writing, but not when it comes to writing skills. This video will help you go from smart to smarter to smartest, balancing the 'less' with 'more'.

Another component could be to include a comparison of a loosely translated draft with one having the value addition by a qualified copy writer, especially when approaching an organization. This will gently indicate their vulnerability and, therefore, the need to address it. Of course, the presenter’s skills, voice modulation, and the way the message is conveyed count significantly.

You may also want to add a story around how your services have contributed to revenue generation in your organization to discreetly indicate the prospects of availing these.

Other times, shifting the spotlight on your customers and letting them speak their experience could do the trick by adding authenticity.

The list does not end here. Several more dimensions can be added, depending on what you are looking to promote. The Internet is replete with information on how to get it right. However, this knowledge can only serve as a prop in facilitating presentation. The story will always be yours, and yours alone, to tell. How creatively you choose to say it will set your video apart from the host of others out there.