40% of corporate employees spend at least 7 hours working on Powerpoint presentations each week.

Time lost working on Powerpoint presentations costs companies up to USD 15,0001 per employee per year.

1:Based on average salaries in the US consulting space.

Most consultants agree that embellishing Powerpoint presentations is NOT the best use of their time.

Professional designers can do the same work faster, better and at a fraction of the cost, freeing up your time to focus on what’s important


Key benefits of having a team of trained graphic designers on call instead of doing it yourself

A professional team trained in your branding can bolster both Design and Productivity
Time zone advantage ensures
Quicker Turnarounds
Customized engagement models to suit your needs, ensuring you only Pay for what you Use
ISO 27001 certified systems and processes to safeguard Data Confidentiality
Designated Project Manager for ease Communication and Coordination
Complementary Editing and Proofreading for all your content

Customized packages to suit your needs...

Ad Hoc

  • Pricing based on complexity of service offered
  • No contractual obligations or cost commitments
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Option to pre-approve timelines and cap cost estimates
  • Best suited for clients with novisibility of volumes

Dedicated Designer

  • 160 hours of dedicated support
  • Direct control over project / resource
  • Transparent, secure, scalable
  • Significant cost savings
  • Perfect for clients with assured volumes

Block of Hours

  • Customer-managed model
  • Flexibility to handle peaks/troughs in workflow
  • Time-sheets to track utilization
  • Hours can be used any time during the year; unused hours can be rolled over
  • Best suited for clients with limited visibility of workflow
Now get a professional to do all your designing for you
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Your data is always secure

Having worked with clients across the globe, we realize that presentations often contain sensitive information. That’s why we implement sophisticated digital and physical controls to safeguard your information at all times.

24/7 in-house and on-site security
Digital content security
Employee confidentiality agreements
Only in-house designers, no freelancers
File authorisation practices
Strict Non-Disclosure Agreements
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