Our Services

We offer a broad spectrum of presentation support and editorial services, including substantive editing, content management, proofreading, design support, and formatting, to enhance any communication material. Our DTP distribution services offer all the essential elements required for seamless publication of research reports. No matter what the content, we are here to help you turn your document into a sterling piece of communication.

Presentation Design

Our team of presentation specialists can enhance your documents with consistent placement of design elements and meticulous formatting. Be it infographics, pitchbooks, factsheets, marketing materials, manuals or brochures, our team is adept at using a range of software like InDesign, Illustrator, etc to showcase your data in a way that it creates meaningful impact and looks attractive to the reader.

Content Creation

Bursting with ideas, but hard-pressed for time? Our content creation, blog- and ghost-writing services are perfect for you. We transcribe your thoughts to paper and help you find the right words. Our skilled specialists will help you identify gaps and provide suggestions so you can make the right impact and reach your desired audience, be it with blogs, website content, white papers, marketing content, etc.

Editing & Proofreading

At Inkorporated, we understand that language should not be a barrier to fruitful communication and exchange of ideas. We are not only adept at editing, proofreading, and post-edit journal formatting but also offer comprehensive suggestions for written work, research papers, reports, business communication, and other communication material.

Document Publishing

Putting together your research is half the goal; how you present your academic papers is as important as the ideas therein. Figuring out the ground rules for citing, referencing of source material, and style of leading journals such as CMS, APA, and Elsevier is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when you are chasing a deadline while navigating the publishing process. Our document publishing solutions help researchers, authors, undergraduates, universities, publishing houses, and other non-academic entities get their papers up to speed and ensure their research is publication-ready from all aspects, be it formatting, journal guideline adherence, fluency, grammar, etc.

Website Development

Creating a unique web presence requires the right tools and an expert team behind you. Get everything you need to stand out from the competition. Besides building a great looking website tailored to your business goals, our content creation team will revitalize your existing content and update your site with relevant content, including blogs articles, thought pieces, etc. We’ll ensure your custom website reflects your brand and sets you up for success online.

Animated Presentations & Videos

Sometimes, words just ain’t enough. Our video creation specialists can convert your ideas into clear and attractive videos suitable for different platforms and purposes. Whether you need to market your product or create a story on any aspect relevant to your business, we have the capabilities to get your message across and create the right impact.




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Why Us

Experienced Team

Our team comprises skilled and experienced editorial and presentation experts who deliver complex assignments such as infographics, pitch presentation slides, RFPs and proposals, reports, and company profiles for global clients.

Global Benchmarks

While our Editorial Support team is adept at using the Chicago Manual of Style for all editorials in American English, we are equally proficient in referencing the Oxford Style Guide for our clients in Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

Customized Output

Our Editorial Support team provides highly customizable editing services to meet specific client requirements, while our Presentation Support team can customize design styles to align with the client’s brand guidelines.

Experience That Counts

Our professionals have 10+ years of relevant experience in domains as diverse as print media, e-learning, linguistics, economics, finance, and others.

Ability To Manage Volumes

We deliver 800+ edited and designed documents every month for global clients across industry verticals.

Quality Assurance

Every document goes through at least two rounds of edit and design iterations for fixing errors and ensuring consistency in format and font. We consistently adhere to guidelines, which makes us a trusted partner of many leading companies.